What are the advantages of stainless steel elbow?

Stainless steel elbow is one of the pipe fittings, with different Angle and content to fully demonstrate certain competitive advantage. Stainless steel surface solid and thin oxide film make stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance in all water quality, even if the ground also has excellent corrosion resistance. Stainless steel elbow is suitable for various water quality, in addition to disinfection ... Read More »

The hydraulic bulge forming technology of stainless steel tee

Stainless steel tee‘s hydraulic bulging process is through the metal materials of axial compensation bulge out a kind of branch pipe forming process. The process is to use special hydraulic press, with three links within the tube billet diameter equal injection liquid, through the two horizontal side of the hydraulic cylinder synchronization of the motion of tube billet, billet after ... Read More »

The connection mode of stainless steel reducer

Safe and reliable stainless steel reducer, health environmental protection, economy applicable, thin wall of the pipe and new and reliable, simple and convenient connection method is developed, it has the advantage that the pipe can not be replaced, more and more application in the engineering, use will be more and more, use will be more and more popular, good prospect. The ... Read More »

Analysis of the calculation of stainless steel elbow

At the corner of the pipeline, in addition to the standard elbow, mostly by bending pipes made of stainless steel elbow. Two methods of making stainless steel elbow can be cold and hot bending, cold bending forming is the pipe will be at room temperature; hot bending is the pipe is heated to a specified temperature for bending forming. Cold-formed applicable ... Read More »

The introduction of stainless steel cap

The stainless steel cap also called plug or head: is one of the main pressure parts of pressure vessel. The role of the seal is sealed. One is made of tank pressure on the bottom of the container, the two is the end of the stainless steel pipe, not ready to extend forward, then with a header in the stainless steel pipe ... Read More »

Determination principle of heating temperature of stainless steel elbow

Stainless steel elbow to normalizing and tempering heat treatment, machining port, wall thickness is required to wear and machining allowance. The general allowance is 10% to 20% of the wall thickness of the elbow. The smaller the D ratio of the wall thickness and the section diameter, the better the fitting performance of the die, but the more easily the inner ... Read More »

Stainless steel reducer industry must improve production skills

Chinese stainless steel reducer industry imbalance, in the current stainless steel reducer output sharply, under the situation of billet origin is serious, first rely on outsourcing, iron ore prices to add stainless steel reducer capital, unable to take part in the intense market competition, to the company production and operation form. Other, first skills economic goals need to be further improved, and ... Read More »

No mold design of the drawing process for stainless steel tee

Stainless steel tee of non die drawing process is a use of metal flow stress with temperature changes in the nature and the realization of flexible plastic processing technology, is a kind of high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, no pollution, no mold, no friction, no lubrication near net forming technology. Different tensile properties of different materials. The limit of ... Read More »

For stainless steel reducer without mould design study of the drawing process

Stainless steel reducer without die drawing process is a kind of metal flow stress vary with temperature and change the nature of the implementation of flexible plastic processing technology, is a kind of high precision, high efficiency and low energy consumption, no pollution, no mold, no friction, no lubrication nearly plastic forming technology. Different materials tensile properties. Tensile rate limits the ... Read More »

Arc length calculation method of the stainless steel reducer

Stainless steel reducer‘s arc length calculation method for: For example: stainless steel concentric reducer, a big head radius for R1, capitulum radius R2, high for H, The three data on the sheet metal drawing is known. For the convenience of calculation, a big circular arc radius for RD, an Angle for alpha, small head of the radius of the circular arc for ... Read More »


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